Need help making a Comic Reader

So I know next to nothing about coding, but I’m using Webflopw to make a website to post my webcomics on, but in order to get past the 100 static page/10,000 CMS item limit, I want to have each issue of my comics readable through a comic reader/viewer similar to what you’d see on the Shonen Jump Website (click any of the 3 latest chapters of a comic to view without an account) or how comics are displayed on the Overwatch Website with zoom/fullscreen options, maybe a page slider like what’s on the Shonen Jump site instead of one page of the comic per static page like what you’d see on most webcomic sites.

Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about coding, and looking up tutorials on Google has been significantly less than helpful cause I can’t see how to make one that fit’s the aesthetic I’ve set up for my webflow project. Can anyone give me any leads? I know that worst-case scenario I can use a Slider and try to heavily modify it, or use multiple page interactions/animations to make my own but having to make one from scratch for every single issue of a comic sounds like a literal nightmare.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @Channing_Ellison in your first website example is used canvas and I presume that your comics pages are in PDF format. So you can use PDF.js maintained with Mozilla. Here is one article to help you understand how to but I believe you can find more articles with examples on net. As you have mentioned you have no experience with coding it can be a bit challenging for you. There is another question if or how this will work in Webflow.


I’m not sure how many fields you can have in an collection item, but you could have high-res images of the pages and have them inside an item with repeating image fields? That way you could circumvent the limits and won’t have to code?

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