In need of help learning how to add custom code to Webflow

Hi there,

I am very new to Webflow and have no previous web design or coding experience. It has taken me some time but I have begun to learn how to use Webflow effectively.

I have been having some issues though with implementing custom code from Codrops onto my website. I have watched many videos and tutorials but I am still unable to understand how to implement the code into my site. If anyone is able to give me a simple tutorial or has any tips I would greatly appreciate this.

Here is the demo of the custom code I would like to use:

and here is the code source

There is not a tutorial provided by the author that I can see. This is a sophisticated animation build upon Greensock’s GSAP. It would be very hard to implement even as is on Webflow. I would suggest sticking with basic animations using Webflow’s IX2 until you are well versed in the tools used to build the demo. Good luck with your journey.

Okay thank you very much for the response. Do you know of any easier ways to create a similar animation that wouldn’t be as sophisticated ?

My suggestion to you is to review projects in the showcase that are shared. Find something that you like, inspect it (or clone if available), and go from there. If you have not watched the University videos on animations, take the time to check them out. Webflow is a tool. You have to learn what your tools are capable of and how to use them, or if you don’t have the time or inclination, hire the talent to do it for you. Just because something looks cool might not be a reason to spend endless hours or dollars trying to implement it. I always ask, "what problem am I trying to solve, and how does this help the visitor. "