Need help in connecting Airtable to Webflow Multi Reference fields using Zapier


Well i have connected the Airtable and Webflow in zapier. But the major issue is the multi reference fields .

I tried using many people idea to get the data from airtable and insert in the webflow tables. but the mutlireference fields data are not inserting.

I used all possible solutions but still its not working …

You can see all the things are added but still its not working …

Please help…

Zapier is a great tool, but it’s not meant to handle multi-reference fields. I’d recommend trying something like PowerImporter, which will take care of all your reference fields (and more) for you.

Hi Bilal, not sure if you found a solution here already, but one option to consider is Whalesync’s Airtable x Webflow sync. It handles multi-reference fields out of the box.

We actually started the company because we saw so many so people struggling with hooking up Airtable to Webflow with Zapier (with multi-ref in particular being a huge headache).