Issue mapping a multi-reference field to webflow using zapier webhook (v2 api)

Hi all,

I’m having issues mapping a multi-reference field to webflow using zapier webhook

I’ve been able to create a new webflow item when a new record is added to airtable using zapier. However I’m now trying to map a multi-reference field using a webhook through zapier and running into some issues.

This is the tutorial I’ve been following:

However I noticed this is using V1 api so may not be relevant anymore since I’m trying to use V2 api…

Attached is a screenshot of the data I’m using in zapier for the webhook (I’ve blanked out where I’ve added my API token)

I am getting a success message in Zapier to say a webhook has been sent, but no multi-reference field is being mapped in Webflow and I can’t work out why!!

Can anybody see where I’m going wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Alex

exactly same issue here, without the multi-reference-field it works fine.

Here the same issue… can anyone help with this urgent problem?

This is becoming an issue for many users now. I’m still using v1 which has worked for 2+ years but the multi-reference fields are now broken. Must be in v1 and v2.

Hi everyone - apologies for the slow response, i haven’t been on here in a while and missed my notifications. After days of trial and error (literally) I found a way to make it work with V2. On the image you can see what I’ve entered for the URL, Data, and Headers, which is different to what videos like this one say to do. It has been working well for me for a few weeks now! Hopefully it works for you too!

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Thank you so much for going back to post your solution, much appreciated!

This still isn’t working for me after copying this new method for v2. Any ideas would be AMAZING!

When I change the Data to this format I no longer get an error, but the data doesn’t send through:


For those of you having this issue I figured it out. When you are editing you CMS you often change the name of fields, reuse names, etc.

When you do this Webflow updates the names in the backend when you reuse the same names.

In my example “Industries” was actually “industries-3” for the API field.

You can check the name of your fields by putting in your collection_id here - List Collection Items

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