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Need help designing modal

I’m new to Webflow so these may be easy fixes. I am having some trouble making some sense of a modal. I had a friend help build a Webflow site for me but they’re out on vacation for 3 weeks so and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this.

Here’s some specifics on the issue I’m trying to unravel:

  1. I can see the layers for the modal in the Navigator but I can’t actually “see” the design in the view port. How do I enable visibility to be able to tweak copy and design?
  2. When the “Sign Up Now” button is pressed to fire the modal, nothing happens but I have all the actions copied in place from another modal that was used on the site. I can’t figure out what setting I’ve gotten wrong. I did rename the object to a new name so perhaps all the various interactions are broken?
  3. I was able to get it to work a few versions back before it quit working and I couldn’t seem to get the modal to “unstick” from the top of the page. I’ve watched the tutorial and for some reason it doesn’t want to float.

Any help you can provide would be awesome. I’ve attached some screenshots for reference.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @designfarmstudios, Great questions!

(1) You can toggle the visibility of something using the Display Property or Visibility Setting
(2) From what it looks like, you’ll need to set the display property in the interaction (currently it looks like you only change the opacity)
(3) Not 100% sure, but you may be able to fix this using the z-index property.

If the above doesn’t get your modal up and running, let me know and I can take a closer look.

Looks like that worked! Thanks for the help!

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