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Pop-Up Modals Not Working Properly

I’m writing with a question about adding pop-up modals to a site. I’ve been using this tutorial
( as a guide and adding multiple pop-up modals to the same page, lightbox-style - so each image on the page is clickable and brings up a modal that contains a close link, image, text, one or more links, and a paragraph description. Everything seemed to be working fine at first, but after publishing and testing, I started running into some glitches. Specifically, I’m able to click on each image in order only once. If I try to use the modals a second time, they don’t open - and when I click on the images out of order (i.e. not left-to-right and top-to-bottom), they’ll sometimes open and other times won’t. I’ve also noticed that, when none of the modals will open, none of the nav bar links or footer links (social media icons) will work either.

Each interaction I’ve added targets a different class (I’ve numbered each individual modal wrapper, close button, and image link). I’m wondering a) if I’ve done something wrong and/or b) if I need to add a second click interaction? Or if there’s another problem I haven’t thought of?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @cmdhood which page(s) in your site, section(s) and element(s) have you applied the modal interactions with? Please upload any screen shots as well to provide more information :smiley: Thanks!

Right now, I’m using modals on the Studio: Discography 2 and Studio: Mastering pages (and planning to add them to a few other pages, once I can get them working). Here are screenshots of the Discography page:

…And the Mastering page.

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