Pop up modal w/ Interactions


I’m stumped and in need of some assistance…

I’ve watched a few different types of tutorials on how to make the button interaction work but I’m just not able to get it to work…

What I’m looking for is that when someone clicks on my button, I want the pop up modal to appear to sign up and then after the click submit, it takes them to another webpage

Am I missing something when I created the interactions… the modals will preview, but when I test it’s not working… so looking for some guidance here


Here is my public share link: Webflow - N1 Case Studies

Still haven’t been able to figure out how to get this modal to work properly… anyone able to shed some light?

Hi there, if I hit your button it doesn’t show anything. I would like to help.

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Right. So that’s what I’m working on currently, I’m not sure if I added it correctly

Here’s the my link:Webflow - N1 Case Studies

How would I share where you can see the interactions and triggers?

Have you published your site to a webflow.io domain? Maybe I can try it out over there. I currently can see the form when I hit the button but it does not allow me to upload a form in preview mode

Ok I just published it

For starters, it would make your life easier to set your modal wrapper to flex and center the content horizontally and vertically when it opens. Now it goes into block, which makes your life harder to center the form block. Once that is set you can also set your form block position back to static, because it will center it properly now without having to mess around with percentages.

You should then also set up your animation so that it shows your modal wrapper in flex state, not block

When I submit your form, it seems to all work properly. I got redirected to (see image):

Ahhh that would make my life easier for sure

Ok cool. I will make those adjustments today.

Thanks for you assistance. Once I’m done with that, I’ll ping again.

One more question… once they submit, I just need to make sure that it goes to right URL instead of the preview right?

Seems like it, yes. The redirect seemed to work fine. Feel free to contact if you have any more questions.


I definitely got the interactions working correctly but I think I messed up my flex settings

Can I get pointed in the right direction here?

Here’s the published site: https://n1-case-studies.webflow.io/

The modal wrapper isn’t centering when I click on the button

Thanks again!