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Form Submissions on external hosted site


I’ve made my company site using Webflow. The site includes a contact page with a contact form. The site will not be hosted by webflow, it will exported and hosted internally.

One thing I didn’t take into consideration is form submissions, and looking at this in a bit more detail it appears that it will cost me to use webflow.

I’m a little stuck on how to do this.

We have an exchange server, all I want to do is send the data from the form input boxes to a mailbox on our exchange without being limited in form submissions.

How can I do this?



I use JotForm

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I’ll take a look.

So can I not use the form that you make using Webflow? Do I need to create a new form using something like JotForm and then paste the code into the site? Or, do I use the webflow form and point the action to JotForm?

I’m a little confused here.



Hi, sorry for late answer!
You make the form on the jotform site. Then paste the script code using the embed element.
With jotform you can send an automatic answer to the formfiller, and to different emails and so on. Its ok for getting the look of the form you want as well.

Ofcourse not 100% perfect, but the best I have found.

Hi @peted83, it is possible to use forms on an external site, but the Action field need to be set to the URL what will be processing the form fields, i.e. a mail script.

The method for the external form should in most cases be set to POST.

If you can help to share the published site url where the form is published, I am happy to take a peek and see how it is setup currently.


Sorry for the late reply.

The URL is

I’m guessing I should enter the path to the file that will process the form in the ‘action’ box below?

You need a server side script such as php, cold fusion, or asp.

On your keyboard… (assuming US Keyboard)… locate the highlighted key.

Within Webflow…

Make the Form Wrapper the current element / selected element.

Then select the Settings Tab.

You should see Form Wrapper Settings on the right panel.

Locate the Action input field…

Assuming you are using PHP… and the PHP script will be named “sendmsg.php”…

select the highlighted key on the keyboard… then enter the name of the posting script.

the result will be `sendmsg.php

and click out of the field.

If you didn’t do it correctly… the field value will change to something like http://sendmsg.php

which will of course be invalid.

The php script (sendmsg.php) will receive and process the posted form data.

You need to validate the incoming data because spammers will bypass the form
**and call the php script directly. It doesn’t matter you use a captcha script to some interaction trick. **

After validation… use a good mailing script like phpmailer (don’t use the php mail function)
and send message to 1 or more email recipient addresses.

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Thanks I’ll give this a try.

I’ve been given an aspx script to do this. I now need to marry up my form to that of the script.

Not quite sure how to pass the validation back so that the tool tips are presented the same as they are on the webflow form.

If you use an external mail host…

  • the built in Webflow tool-tips will not be available.

I’m not sure why…

  • I haven’t taken the time to figure it out due to work load.

You will need to create your own Form Validation & Response-tips via JS.

But the most important part is

  • you have to sanitize the data… or you risk a sql injection.

You do this on the server… not the form.


Thanks, I’ve been told that we can’t use an external provider due to company policy so I need to script my own page to deal with the form submission.

External meaning… your mail server(s)… anything outside of Webflow.

If you’re writing the sanitization script… then I’m guessing you already know about sql injections.

Good luck.

@Revolution The site is internally hosted within our own company, ‘external provider’ was referring to something like mail chimp to handle the form submissions.

I do know about SQL injection, I’d normally write my forms using PHP, but as a company policy i’m unable to use PHP. I’m going to attempt this using ASP :confused: .


Would someone be willing to make all this more clear and easy “for dummies”? :smiley:

what would you like to know

It looks to me like using something like jotform for someone like me that doesn’t write code might be the easiest resolution?

I’m sure you know…

  • everything is easy once you’ve done it 10 or 15 times.

It’s only the first 10 or so that are really hard

  • and the first couple - are almost impossible.

Learning to program is not as difficult as you might imagine

  • but it’s not easy either.

There’s only one way to find out though.

If you are not a developer… or don’t want to be…

  • I’d say something like JotForms is probably a good route to follow.

If you wanted to expand your limits a little…

  • picking up some php knowledge as well as SQL
  • would only benefit you.

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