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Need design idea and help for text message for text link then goes away after mouse over

Hello I wonder if someone can give me one or two ways to place a text link on my home page top section (not much room) and when hovered or clicked??? a small text paragraph shows up… then when done reading it goes away by click or moving mouse off link? Does WebFlow have such a thing… I thought about a light box but you use only picture or videos… do you think I have to add text to an image to do what I would like to do??

What I wish to do is create a Message for Mobile Device users that tell them they can do the Online Assessment using their mobile phone or tablets… so cool Thanks to WebFLOW thank you for the technology which I am still learning…

Any ideas and suggestions to make this NOT CLUTTER up my top section of home page where we see some text already … what would you do and please give me the steps to doing it so I can get this message up there as fast as possible… ??

Again thank you in advance for the Excellent Forum Support.


Do a click trigger interaction.

Hello, thank you for the link… Actually I found this video online and it still did not solve my problem… Example 3 would have worked nicely except that the lower text when pushed down when it came back to position it actually had the text block showing through so it did not go away … the video I think was OLD and not with current WebFlow version and became very difficult to follow all the steps unfortunately.

I had to go in a different direction and solved my issue for now. Thank you for responding.

Issue currently resolved though I will ask WebFlow to make a new video as something is unclear in Example 3 I believe for interactions.

Have a nice day …
Bruce O

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