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Show n Hide difficulty with Example 3 Video

Hello I have been working on the Show and Hide Text for my button Smart Phone Users … Click Here (in RED)

Needing STEP by STEP to get same kind of results as Example 3 Video.

I am much closer on this try now it closes TOO fast on 2nd Click…

I am so confused it would be great for someone to show me step by step on how to get proper results for this Really Cool Feature in WebFlow.

Thank You so much for the help.


Hi @bruceo, hang in there, web design can be challenging, but you will win. :slight_smile:

Question, could you share a screenshot of the elements that should show and hide? That will help to zero in on the solution.

I am standing by for your feedback :slight_smile:

On Home Page half way down you will see this…attachment
received notification from your system that you were attempting to reach me…
Thank You. .let me know if have other questions…

OH If you can answer this … can I make a page add some light boxes and on a different page GROUP the videos together or does this have to be all on the same page? thank you for all of the help… bruceo

Hi @bruceo, Thanks for hanging in there! I took at the click to show and hide interaction on the site, see my video below:

I hope this helps! The Lightbox grouping works between pages :slight_smile:

CyberDave, PERFECT thank you so much.
Also thank you for the answer for the Light Box grouping answer.

Will this video link be available to me after 2 months even though in the Forum it may be going away???

I would like to be able to come back to this again one day if needed.


Hi @bruceo,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, the video link will not get deleted, but if you try to search for it on YouTube it will not be found as that is set to unlisted.

I hope this helps!

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