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Hover on mobile?

I have a hover animation on the home page of my site (most popular section)

The problem I am having is that I need the boxes to be clickable AND have a hover to reveal the text.

To my understanding, you cant hover on mobile so I was trying to find a way to make the first tap reveal the text and the second tap trigger the link to a new tab.

I haven’t had much luck so I was hoping that someone could take a look for me!


My links:


Hello @David_Casey

You can’t add a link on second click using only interactions. Here I want to ask why you want people to click multiple times? I think showing the text is better and faster. People will know what they are going to visit after clicking. On mobile is all about speed.

Piter :webflow_heart:

That makes sense. I just wanted to have the user see the image completely and then choose to click for more. I will probably just rearrange the text out of the way for mobile.

Thank you Piter!


Can be something like this >

Just a suggestion :blush:

Now that I have done this if there a way to have the animation not show up on mobile and instead just display the text box?

I set the display off for mobile, but since my initial state is at 0 opacity the text can’t be seen.

Would I have to make a second div and lay the same heading in that without an animation?

Yes, you can turn the interaction off at the bottom of any interaction.

You can click on any of the buttons in the screen grab below to turn on or off interactions for different device breakpoints.

Whenever I take it off of all the mobile devices it takes away the text box entirely, I think since the animation for the homepage has an initial state it is not letting the text box display on mobile at all.

Do you know a way around this? @WebDev_Brandon


Yes, the initial state will be triggered even if you turn off the animation. I think this can be fixed maybe :thinking:

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