Hi! Just to feedback

Hi! Im working in my own website so just need opinion about how is going the job… thank you so much.

Hey Javier :slight_smile:

Website looking great.
Simple but effective use of layout, very clean.

Just a bunch of pointers that I think might be helpful.

Maybe you can look in to changing the active links from blue to something else to fit your branding a little bit more. Especially since the default link colors are blue. Maybe experiment with brighter oranges? so compliment the dark brown text?

I think adding also a thin border to the bottom of the navbar would make the nav dropdown feel a little more in place because as it slides under the navbar you can see the actual bordered drop down div and then the top border appears making it look very boxed.}

This image as well seems to be pixelated from my end, try exporting a larger image and if you are worried about size you can look in to converting the image to webp format (a lot lighter) and supported by all modern browsers.
You can also get rid of the boxing and make it span through the entire width of the page? Experiment with that maybe it looks like its got more room to breathe.

The button here also seems to be chopped on my screen.

One last thing is there seems to be a little bit of horizontal scrolling which may mean your container has more width that it should have. if you want something to span the entier width i have found using a 100% of the body width is better than setting it to be 100vw for some reason that gets rid if the annoying extra bit of width that activate horizontal scrolling!

Wish you the best of luck man!
Great work :handshake:

Wow! Thank you very much for your time, Sayad. I appreciate it.

I will follow your advice, thanks again for the feed back.

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