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Navigator is not accessible via touch screen devices

The navigator is not access via the touch screen.

Makes it’s somewhat difficult to use.

Works with a mouse and trackpad.

Doesn’t work with a pen or finger.

Hi @Revolution.

What sort of machine are you using to test this? Tablet or touch screen pc?

While the Designer may work for the most part on tablets such as wacom tablets, this is not the intended use case and full support is not guaranteed.

If you are working on a touch PC, can you provide more details please? What machine, Browser, and version?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply. :slight_smile:

2 Devices… Google Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook Pro.

No issues with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Laptop from what I can see.

There is another thread (also me)… that’s starting to look similar.

The initial problem was different… but in reviewing further - they may be the same thing…

so perhaps duplicate / same issue.

@Revolution I think you are right, they sound very similar. I’ll go ahead and merge them for now. I’ve reached out to our team regarding support for touch screen devices and will post back here when I have more information.

Thank you again for bringing this up!

Using the new Pixelbook (which has nothing to do with the issue)…

The Navigator (Tree) suddenly stops responding (below) however everything else
including the Tabs above the Navigator (tree) and the Design Panel still responds…
but that’s when the above error message is displayed.

Even restarting Webflow and trying to load a project produces and error.

Yes and No.

It’s specifically on Chromebooks from what I can see so far.

It doesn’t happen on my Surface Pro 4 or Surface Laptop.

It doesn’t happen on the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Google Pixelbook.

Sometimes… the Navigator Tree will not response to your finger.

When it responds… sometimes it will only respond to a “clicK” without your finger
but not a scroll.

Hi @Revolution

Thanks again for posting about this. Currently the Designer doesn’t fully support gestures from touch screen devices such as finger / pen taps.

Instead you can continue using the mouse / trackpad and shouldn’t have any issues.

That said this is definitely something we will look into adding support for in the Designer as touch screen PCs are becoming more common.

Please feel free to continue the conversation around this sort of update by posting in the Webflow Wishlist.

I’ve also filed a report so the team is aware of this as well.

ok thanks…

all my devices are moving to touch.

blows my mind that apple makes smart phones, ipods, ipads, iwatches
— all touch enabled

but no touch monitors for computers or laptops.

sad to say but I think apple is starting to put nails in their coffin.

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