Webflow Navigator

The dom is broken and falling off the right side making it impossible to see your elements.

Go a screenshot so,I can see it also ?

hang on will do it now

Hi @Edmund_Bini are you able to scroll horizontally in the Navigator? Or is the Navigator freezing up? I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior on my side and appreciate any and all screenshots or information you can provide like your browser version and operating system.

Thanks in advance!

you can’t adjust the size of the navigator so that you can see as much of it as you please. I have a huge screen and my navigator is burying things and forcing me to have to scroll to see them. If I am only using the workspace I need with the designer and have room I want to be able to resize the navigator.

Yes. You can. A recent update fixed this.

A blue bar will appear to the left of the Navigator when you hover over it.

REALLY? Gotta try this now!

no sir that just resizes the workspace, not the navigator :frowning:

sorry… I misunderstood. My fault.

The Navigator doesn’t resize…
It’s allows you to scroll left and right. That’s what the fix was.

Sorry about that. I know I got you all exited and such :slight_smile:

take notice to how much wasted grey area there is when you pull the blue bar in to design at smaller resolution. With all that space you should be able to pull that bar and have it being used for your navigator or whatever else you have occupying the right panel.


@thesergie says it’s a difficult fix to adjust the size
of the Design & Navigation Panels together.

I’m just happy the Navigation can scroll now.

I have several projects where
you couldn’t see anything in the Navigation tree
because it was so far indented.

Not so difficult I think. Probably not a priority for them but some things just seem as if they should have been there from day one. I struggle to comprehend some of the common sense fails but Webflow is addicting nonetheless and hopefully becomes the monster it could and should be.

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