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Navigator Scroll Bug

On this page… Navigator - notice there is the scroll I had recommend Webflow months and month ago. You might have to click the image / view full size to see the scroll bar at the bottom.

Notice (below)… on a different page… there is no scroll bar at the bottom…

Which means I cannot scroll left or right. The issue does not reset when changing screens in Edit Mode or coming out of Preview mode. In other words - if the issue was on “page 2” and you Preview the website - went to page 2 - then went to page 30. And exited Preview. Reloading page 2 in Edit Mode / Designer displays the same issue.

The only way to correct the issue to to exit the Designer and return to the Dashboard - then reload the Project. At this point… the issue is correct.

I have this from time to time too. You can also load a different page and it’s back to normal but I usually do a refresh.

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(changing page / refreshing page / exit preview) normally changes fixes it for me…
but this time it just would not auto-correct.

Figure I’d throw a screen shot up and let webflow know.

Had to exit to the dashboard and reload the project for the issue to go away.

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I hadn’t mentionned it because I’m using a Wacom tablet for everything, and the past 2 years, Wacom drivers have been gradually worse and worse, especially with Webkit and Electron. So I never really know if an app bugs or if it’s only my tablet. To the point that I’m not planning to buy any more Wacom product and test the cheapest competition (Huion).

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