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Navigation between CMS Collections

Hi there,

I have an issue with the nav links. Both link menus (the main Nav Block as well as the secondary Filter Block) are build from collections. The highlighting of the links in the state ‘current’ gets lost when navigating deeper then 1st level. I can illustrate it with the following screenshots:
A) Navigating 1st level: Clicking on menu item “Arbeiten” navigates to the collection of project categories. This works fine, because of the single reference defined in the CMS data model. Please refer to the table named “Navigation to Projects”.

B) When navigating within the project categories, the link to the overall domain “Arbeiten” ist lost. As one can see on the screenshot below. The link “Arbeiten” is not highlighted any more. The categories collection has lost the link to the starting point “Arbeiten”. How could I fix that?

C) Navigating further to a project’s detail page (by clicking on a tag image on a category’s page) the link to it’s category as well as the link to the overall domain “Arbeiten” are lost, too. Refer to the following screenshot:

So, how could I preserve the navigation path A to B to C?

Appreciate any help for this very much.

Best Regards,

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