Navigation bar links not visible in designer, but visible in preview

First off, when I place the navbar widget, it does not default to the word menu, but defaults to the mobile menu. In design mode, I see the mobile menu, but see the word menu when I switch to preview mode. Because I can’t see the navbar links in design mode, I am unable to style them. What is going on?

Hi Susan,
could you, please, post read-only link to your project? It will help us to find the reason of this issue.

Here is guidance how to share your link


Thanks, Sabanna,

Here is the link:

It’s just the basic navbar element. Right when I drag it into the body, it automatically defaults to the mobile version and I am unable to style the navbar.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello again @Susan_Caldwell,
To me navbar is showing correct, don’t know what could happen on your side. Try to check navbar settings (like here on screen cast):

If it will not help, please make a screenshot how it shows in your browser.


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