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Can't find / Edit my nav bar links in Designer

2 links on the mobile version of my website via the navbar are not working.
I go into designer mode and highlight the hamburger icon, but I don’t see any navbar settings or how to edit it at all. In all the tutorial videos online, when you click the hamburger, it shows that I should see “navbar settings”, but it doesnt show it anywhere

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @corbinvisual, thanks for your post, welcome to the community.

Would it be possible for you to help share some additional detail that will help the community to provide assistance?

The navbar settings will show if you are using a Navbar element, see here: Navbar menu button | Webflow University

If you are using a manual div structure and using interactions to show and hide the menu, then you would need to manually make your menu div visible in the designer, make your changes and then set the menu back to display none, or whatever the initial state that is being used for the interaction.