Navbar Text not matched across desktop and tablet

Hey, i’m having issues figuring out why the navbar text gets grey in tablet view, but not on desktop nor mobile. Can any of you guys figure it out?

Thanks for any help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Your read only link appears to be not working. I can only assume that you have either created the class in tablet and styled it in desktop and mobile OR you have accidently styled it differently in tablet view. I would first try to change the text colour on tablet view to another colour then back to the colour you want (This rules out glitching).

I would also look at the predefined colour.

First select your problemed element then click the icon to the left of the selector. From the drop down you want to select the tag from the bottom of the list (This will be the default settings) then once selected you are able to change the default settings.

Hope that fixes it.

Hey, it didn’t work unfortunatly. I updated the read only link now.

Read Only Link

After looking at your site. The Nav Menu has the opacity set to 80% this is causing the difference in colour

@SlickThieves can you post a live link

Thank you so much, this was bothering me so much and i can’t believe i missed that.