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Navbar shows on tablet - not just hamburger menu

I built out my Navbar, but when I go to tablet view (or lower) it shows the whole Navbar, not just the hamburger menu. I’ve checked to make sure only the hamburger menu is supposed to show on the Navbar element settings.

I added in another Navbar element to see if it was an issue across the element, but it looks like it’s just me.

In addition (and probably the bigger issue), when you dropdown the menu on mobile…nothing shows.

Here’s my read-only link

Thanks a million guys!

that’s expected as the content is somewhere else :smiley:

OK the Webflow navbar is a complex pre-formated element that also have some hidden interactions bound to. You can’t mess around too much with it without breaking it.

So yes, you have broke it but that’s ok. My advice is rather to fix it, do it again from scratch and try to craft the simplest and cleanest structure you can. Also every time you add a div to it, test it again on all breakpoint, and test the burger menu too.

This was a good test to do, you have the good logic here.
I reckon that you could not have guessed that the .nav-menu element was actually a super sensitive element to mess with.

Everybody has been there. Every single Webflow designer I swear :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Yeah, I was hoping to avoid rebuilding it…

So I rebuilt it, but I can’t figure out

  1. how to get the logo to sit next to the Nav dropdowns/links - even with flex
  2. how to get the two buttons (Log in + Book demo) to align to the left

Effectively, how to get the working one to look like the broken one.
Any suggestions?

and the page is randomly scrolling itself upwards too?

(oh I know! this isn’t my first Webflow site, but every. single. time. I end up spending 3-5x as long fixing broken Nav’s as I do building any other section :laughing: :sob:)

read only link

@vincent I still can’t get it to look right, and flex, margin, or padding are no help. They don’t even move when I add in crazy numbers.

any help would be much appreciated!

EDIT Used Flowbase’s cloneable mega menu instead and side stepped all of this nightmare.