Navbar dropdown not working for tablet and below

Hey guys,
I’m working on a website for a startup and I am trying to get the dropdown menu to actually dropdown when the menu button is clicked. I’m not sure whats going wrong because I have modeled it after some of the template ones and every element is the same but the content still doesn’t seem to drop down. The button links also do not go hidden when the ‘HIDE’ option is selected in the Navbar settings. Would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help. I’ll include my read-only link and a link to the template Navbar I would like to mimic. Thanks!

P.S. A lot of the website is unfinished so please disregard any weird color changes and what not thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Template I want to mimic: Denver - App HTML5 Responsive Website Template

Hi @JACK2,

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I checked out your read-only but wasn’t able to replicate the issues you’re having with the tablet nav menu so it’s possible you fixed this in the meantime.

If not, would you be able to send through a screen recording/screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end.



Go to tablet mod in design view. select New Menu Button and go to element setting
make hidden to show. publish

Let me know if this help you