Menu not showing up under Hamburger Button

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me out!

I created a nav bar in desktop and everything worked great. However, when I go to tablet version and press the hamburger menu, nothing shows up. How can you link menu items to a hamburger button? Or is there something else I’m missing?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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It’s a little to much to explain so i made a screen capture.

Good Luck :smiley:

You’re a hero! Thank you so much, it worked for me as well :relaxed:

Have you got any idea why my original menu didn’t work? Do they have to be linked in some way?

Im not sure but i think you used the Webflow Navbar?

and did something with it that it didnt like :slight_smile: but its fixed :slight_smile:

most of the time i use the navbar i replace the container with a div so i can change the maximum width
That also gave me a few issues in the past :slight_smile:

Yeah I used the Webflow navbar and then started playing around with it. But it’s good to know that whenever I do that, I need to check the tablet view to see if the hamburger button is still working!

The first time i changed the standard navbar i forgot my hambuger menu and deleted it noticed it when i finished it al :S

but then you can just get a new navbar and copy past the menu button in your own navbar :slight_smile: