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Navbar Scroll into View - New Interactions - HELP

For the life of me, none of the current tutorials out there actually show how to animate a navbar into view after scrolling past a certain point on the page. I am currently attempting to to this using the “While Page is Scrolling” interaction and a percentage of the page, but then the navbar disappears again after scrolling.

I’m sure this is an easy fix but I just don’t get these new interactions at all, and the tutorials for the legacy interactions haven’t been working for me either on this particular instance. Any help to just get this navbar to work is much appreciated!

I am using the unstyled “Scroll Navbar” - that is what I want to scroll into a fixed position at the top of the page as soon as the user scrolls past the form.

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You mixed up some legacy interactions with IX 2.

Theres a legacy interaction assigned to the first section below the “Image Hero”-Section which triggers once scrolled into view. Try to remove that and it should work. But also keep an eye on your z-indexes, they can also cause some issues.


It was my z-indexes! You’re right! Thank you.