Navbar visible after hero

Hi all,

I followed the following interaction video to display the menu bar after scrolling past the hero header:

It all works, except when you scroll slow past the last ±90 pixels of the hero. Then the website flickers up and down, like the menu/navbar wants to show but does not pop up right.

Could you have a look what I’ve done wrong?
I can’t seem to find this interaction in interaction 2.0 only in legacy interactions.


Here is my public share link:
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You’re currently using legacy animations to make that animation happen. Disable it and create a new one using the new interactions panel. That is a fast fix and it’s going to be better in the future

Hi Jeandcc, yes I would like the new interactions panel too but I can’t find out how I can create this specific usecase. And can’t find a tutorial for it, only making it visible when scrolling. I want it to be visible after the header and then visible all the time.


Let me know if pictures are enough

Remember to disable all legacy interactions that might interfere

Last thing: how do I create those timed actions for Navigation Show and Navigation Hide. I need to create a new element or page trigger? But it is not “on hide” for example, so what option do I need to choose?

As this question relates to how to use the animations panel, I’ll direct you to the Webflow University. They have well-documented articles that will help you using the new interactions panel.