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Can't replace second nav bar with first nav bar when scrolled all the way up

I successfully added an interaction to get a second nav bar to show when someone scrolls down.

I want to hide that nav bar so that the original nav with different links is visible when the page is scrolled all the way up. The tutorials aren’t really helping.

Somewhat similar effect:

I understand what you’re trying to do. Actually, for this, go back to Legacy Interactions; because IX2 has no offset for the page when scrolled - up or down. Like this:

The “Scroll Into View” has an Offset of 85%
The “Scroll Out of View” is 25%

I believe this is what you’re referring to correct? Now this is set on the entire nav menu div. Use these values and you can test to see if the ‘show/hide’ is in the right spot for you.

You won’t need an initial appearance:

display nav on scroll-2

Does that make sense? There is a small caveat to this type of action. You have to set 2 interactions:

  1. On the nav menu to display none on load
  2. To the section where you want the nav to appear, that’s where the offset comes in. But you will check affect other elements and choose the nav to make it appear

I can do a quick video to show your click path if you need help.

Thanks for the reply! If you don’t mind, the video would help a bunch. I find that I still end up doing it wrong.

Okay I’ll use your link… I can’t save it but it will be easier to see… give me a minute. I’ll send you a private message and you can send me your email. The file will be too big to post here.