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I’m currently working on a rebrand/rebuild of our website after moving over from Squarespace, and I’m having a few issues that I’ve hit a wall on.

First off, on when viewing the site on my phone, when I am scrolling through pages, if I tap on the main content of the site (about our team, our story, etc) the content pops over the navbar, which I have set to fixed, which makes the Navbar unusable and hides it. And if I tap the navbar area, the navbar pops back to the front, and it looks like it should. I’ll admit, I am very new to Webflow, so I am pretty sure this is an easy fix, but I’ve reached the limit of my knowledge, and what I can find of the subject (although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the fix but didn’t realize it). This is an example of what I’m talking about:

My second question is my navbar seems to be a set size on our home page, but then on every other page it’s bigger just slightly. This is on every platform I’ve view the site on. Since I’m using a symbol, I’m pretty sure that it should show the same on every iteration, but that’s not what’s happening between the home page and the rest of the site. Again, I feel like this is probably an easy fix, but it has eluded me so far.

Any help is appreciated.

Read-Only link for the site: Webflow - Evergreen Media Productions

hi @smokingcanon and welcome.

  1. Your trouble with overlapping are caused by :hover state you have added to your container. So fix it or delete it.

  1. You may experience some saddle changes in height because logo is automatically resizing (growing) and thats why menu can grows with it so you can look on this. But I do not experiencing any other changes in menu height (beside logos growth) but menu should be revisited and fixed anyway. Here is just starting point, you have navbar position fixed taking full window space but you have also height set 50px may cause problems just align it to top etc. etc. …

This is only how I see problems but I do not know reasons why you decided set these elements this way in first place. Hope that something you will find useful. :wink:

Hi @Stan , thanks so much for your help. I got the hover state fixed, and no problems on that front. I knew it was something stupid, I just couldn’t figure it out.

Ok, for the second problem, I changed the height for the menu wrapper to auto and changed the position to be set to top. I’m still not fully sure where to go from here. You mentioned not knowing why I set these elements this way in the first place, it the short answer is I don’t know what I’m doing fully. There is just a good chance the settings are really off from where I was trying to fix the first problem and try things out to see if it would change. But I was experiencing this problem for a while before I tried messing with things, so I probably just made the problem worse. All I really need the navbar to do is stay in the same spot in the viewport as the viewer scrolls through the site, and have the dropdown menu that I have already made. If you have any suggestions on where to go from here, I will take whatever wisdom I can get. Thanks, and I really appreciate it.

hi @smokingcanon I have send main fix for navbar and if you are happy with the way how it works now just leave it how it is as I do not see any problems with nav now. The navigation sits on top and dropdown is working as expected. :wink:

@Stan The main problem is not knowing how to fix the resizing issue with the different pages compared to the home page. Agreed, it functions fine, but even after making the changes you mentioned, it still appears that the problem is still there for me.

I may have missed something, but not sure where to go from here.

hi @smokingcanon what sizing changes you are referring to? If you will have time we can have Zoom call do discuss these thing in detail as in written form it will be time consuming to understand. If you want just PM me and we can organize some dev chat. :slight_smile:

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