Business Starter Template Error

Hello friends! I am new to Webflow and web design generally and would really appreciate some help.

I used the Business Starter Template and then removed most of it after going through the university and doing it myself.

But I am having problems with the drop down menu and the responsive design that I don’t get from a fresh site with no template (I did a little test).

The drop down menu is really oddly placed and I cant get it to be in a nice place, and the menu button disappears when I press it.

With the responsive design, when I change to tablet or phone and then try to scale the sides in and out to see different views, it doesnt move the right and left sides in tandem and my sections/containers and text are not centered despite being aligned that way.

I tried making a new site without the template and do not get the same problems, but I also don’t want to spend a day or two re-doing everything.

Is it possible to remove the template from the site after I have already chosen it and worked on it?

Or maybe someone knows the answers to my problems with the drop down menu and responsive design (changing from desktop to others).

If I have to re-do everything I will - I’m not too far down the line any way, but it would be very helpful if someone knew the answer as I have deadlines to meet.

Many thanks <3

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Dragonfly Awakenings

A lot of the problems you’ve listed are stemming from styles you have applied that are overriding the default styles. This is the case with the dropdown’s position and the responsive challenges.

To get the dropdown back to it’s default, go to the Tablet breakpoint, click on the Menu button, go to Settings, and click Show. Now with the Nav Menu visible, click on it and go to the Styles tab and reset it’s position to the default (Absolute). This should bring it back down below your navigation bar.

The menu disappearing when you click it can be fixed by clicking on the Menu Button (make sure it’s displaying Menu Button and Open as the classes) and reapplying the Green color to the typography.

The responsive behavior not working as expected is because a lot of your sections and containers have a fixed width. If you change the width back to Auto they should scale with the width of your content.

Thank you! You are awesome. I managed to some fix some things on the button and with the responsiveness with your guidance, but am still having some problems with my nav bar and menu button.

I can see the button again, but it moves out of place when I click it, I want it on the far right and the drop down menu is in a really awkward place. The menu goes below the container when I want the logo on the left and the nav menu/drop down on the right. I want it to be like how it is in the ‘Webflow 101 - intro to responsive web design’ class (photo attached), but it won’t go like that. It seems I have all the same settings so I don’t know what to change. I did change all the sizing things like you mentioned, reset widths and changed to absolute. Now everything is super narrow and vertical. The logo disappears when the navbar is on absolute. It helps a little if the navbar and menu button are on ‘relative’, but still it isnt like the Uni video. Changing to horizontal also doesn’t really change anything.

There is also a huge overlap between the navbar, logo and the next section and it’s container when it’s ‘absolute’. I have tried spacing and margins and it doesnt seem like a good fix. Everything else is set to auto. When I have the navbar on ‘relative’, it seems to stop the overlap, but I don’t know what the other consequences of this are. Changing from 500px to auto height on the next section makes it even worse.

I have no idea what’s happening and the Uni video has the same settings, but a different layout :frowning:

I have played around with a new site that doesnt have any of these problems, it all works fine. Is there anyway for me to reset everything on this site without deleting all my content entirely so it functions as a template-less page? If not I think I will transfer my CMS plan over to the new site and just quickly remake everything as it’ll probably be faster.

I appreciate the help!
Webflow dropdown

There isn’t really a quick way to reset your styles on your current site, you’d have to do it manually. If the navbar is really the only thing you want reset, I would recommend inserting a new Navbar component and just remaking it without overriding the default styles as much as you can.

But if you really want to have a fresh start with all of the elements and not just the navbar, your best bet would probably be to remake it. Good luck!

Quickly re-did it all on a fresh site and transferred the plan.

Thank you for all your help, I know what to do now and the responsive design and drop down box are working great :slight_smile: