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Nav Menu (In Hamburger) pops when hovering

Hey all,

I’m very new into the webflow “flow” no pun intended. I purchased a template that I love and plan to use for my blogging portfolio. I duplicate it as a backup and have been work on the main one (that I’m having problems with). I made changes to the dropdown menu and changed the “Landing” dropdown menu to a simple Home Nav Link.

The main issue is when I switch to the tablet and mobile versions. Anytime I click the hamburger and hover over the menus; first of all the nav dropdown/link keeps popping like crazy anytime I hover and when I compare with the base version (backup), it’s all fine. Secondly, the dropdown arrow on the Tablet/Mobile version seem to be stretched from view unlike the base version where everything cascades smoothly. Please help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of

Here a link to a screen recording of the exact issue I’m having: Dropbox - Webflow Nav Menu Broken.mkv - Simplify your life

Solved it! Just had to adjust the padding on the hover state

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