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Navbar not scaling when browser resized

Why is this happening?

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Hey @renzetc , seems to be working on my end. Did you end up fixing this?

@imtiazraqib still an issue. How did you check? I checked on safari and chrome. Neither works. So the issue occurs when I resize the browser while being on the website.

It’s a problem with the two “Page scrolled” triggers animating the navbar, I was able to view it by adding breakpoints on your project. The fix here is to also place 100% on the width for both animations.

It looks like Webflow assigns both width and height when animating size regardless if it was set or not, and looking at it it looks like it sets the width to pixels of how it’s sized initially before the animation was triggered.

This was just me starting at the default breakpoint and clicking the 1920 breakpoint:

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Thanks @Pendragon! Fixed it

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