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Menu bar won't go 100% of width

Hi everyone,

I have a website with a fixed menu bar on top. The width is set to 100% and there is no min or max width. Once I publish it and view the live website, the menu bar is set to the full width of the screen. However, if I start making the browser window smaller and bigger, the menu bar stays the same width as it was.

If I inspect the element, I see that the width is not set as 100%, but in the amount of pixels the browser window is wide upon loading, for example 1253.8 pixels. This stays while I make the screen bigger and smaller, with one exception: if I make the screen small enough that tablet mode is viewed, and then make it bigger again, the width becomes even smaller, stuck at 1145px.

It did work before, so I assume I clicked some stuff that caused this problem. I can’t seem to fix it unfortunately. It’s not caused by max width of the body, since the rest of the page resizes just right.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on here? Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hmm @Tessa

Can’t find the source of the problem for now…I usually don’t use the WF navbar component.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Here is one approach;

@webdev putting the sizing to grow? Unfortunately, that doesn’t work :frowning: