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Navbar not linking to the right page section [Solved]

Hello, my navbar isn’t linking to the right place.
The “current” tag is working fine and seems to know which section is which.
Yet if I click on “Unagi” it will go to “Prova” which is one up, same with all the other links, it’s always one up.



Seems like a glitch or Bug. Have you tried to email support? It doesn’t seem to be a design issue. Or if it is it’s not straightforward and support should be able to give you a hand. Would love to know the answer when you find out though. Cause that is a puzzle. I was going over my site built very much the same and it works. one page scroller. My menu is on the top but that shouldn’t matter.


I will try and contact them, I’ll let you know when I can find out more :).

@jbleroux @NskDesign

I had a look too, and it seems to be in order on the face of it, but not functioning right! Interested to hear the solution…

@Brando - any clues?


Hi @NskDesign @jbleroux @StuM

Yea this is a known quirk with side navbars with anchor links. There’s a quick fix though. You can nest the navbar into a section like this

This won’t change your design, but will resolve the issue :slight_smile:


@Brando works like a charm, thanks a million :blush:

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