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Trouble with anchor links and side navbar

Also, I wasn’t sure if I should add this as a new bug, as I’m not sure if it is, but I have described it below:

3) Anchor element is selected before the div ID is in-line

I have a side navigation that links to certain points of an FAQ page. However, the ‘Product Questions’ navigation items get highlighted as current section before the div element with the appropriate ID is in view.

See screenshots:

@Brando, for you point on the section wrap, so I’m clear, do you mean a Webflow section element wrapped around the side navigation, or can I simply add a div with a Section HTML tag in the element settings pain? Are these the same thing?

The side bar is currently a sticky column using sticky JS and Webflow’s columns component, so I don’t think changing the HTML tag will work.

As for the combo-class issue, thanks for the update and quick fix. As always, super, super support with you!

@irishbuckley I’d be happy to take a closer look—can you share the read only link for that project? :smiley:

The page in question is the FAQ page which is under the resources folder in the navigation.

As a point of note, I have changed the title of this post to the gradient issue. You might want to remove the solved tag from this as it would give the impression to users that this gradient issue is solved when in fact, it’ still an open issue.

Probably best to move this nav-link quirk, which is somewhat solved, to the code help fourm, thoughts @Brando?

Thanks for clarifying that this is custom code related and not all Webflow built. I misunderstood the initial issue. I played around with the project for a bit but wasn’t able to resolve the issue.

As an alternative you can use interactions to build out the sticky side nav instead and the anchor links should work as expected. Here is an example on how to do this:

I hope that’s helpful! :slight_smile:

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