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Nav link - worked but now not scrolling to sections

I am new to web flow and I am having an issue with nav links scrolling to a section on a site. I’ve had it working when I first created nav and sections but the all of the sudden they stopped working. I’ve tried to test by adding a new nav bar but that doesn’t work now either.

Any advice is appreciated.

Works for me very well… Did you manage to solve the issue?

no it’s still not working.

also at some point the editor interface started to get more glitchy (like when I scroll down a page the blue outline for an element drags with the screen until the scroll stops and some of my background images are getting set to invisible just when I tap on the image in main – not from the editor tool)

I think these started to happen after I published the site to check if a script embedded from would work. I’ve gone back to some earlier backups and earlier versions still work.

I also checked the preview link I provided and it doesn’t work for me going through that route either.

I set up a new site to recreate the issue in a simpler layout and still having a similar issue with the nav … and also only a couple of the links add a “current” state subclass which I didn’t create.

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