NavBar Menu/mobile positioning

Need a little help please

So clearly my structure could do with a little more order, but not sure where i’ve messed up with the NavBars.

Structure and menu icons display as they should when in preview modes for mobile (both landscape and portrait). My phone however, and my housemate’s has it all messed up though, with the menu icon out far right off screen.

Please halp!


@jhogan I’ve had a look at your page and the hamburger disappears to the far right on the mobile. I can’t see how you’ve structured everything, but a specific width set for your navbar could be causing this.

Hi @jhogan,

It will help if you can share the read-only link to the site, so that we can check out the current styling and help with that :slight_smile: More info on read-only links here: Share a read-only link | Webflow University.

Cheers, Dave

Went through by a process of elimination, not precisely sure what it was but something in one of the section’s row/column structure.

Thanks anyway!

Query closed.

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That is exactly to approach to take when solving those issues @jhogan :slight_smile: Sometimes making a duplicate of the site first, then work on the duplicate to divide and conquer the issue. :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave