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NavBar Menu Positioning on mobile

I’ve learned that responsiveness is a manual…tedious thing…or maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Anyhow, in the editor, alignment of my NavBar in MOBILE LANDSCAPE seems fine. Upon PREVIEW however, the alignment results are skewed

With that being said, how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @nd-artistry,

The mobile menu changes to a hamburger icon on the top right.

If you do not want this functionality, select Nav Menu and drag this option to the far right.

Yep I understand how to view or hide.

The navbar isnt’ showing up properly. I DO want the functionality of the responsiveness…that’s imperative. How to fix that?

Ok so the reason I used extra padding is because the hamburger icon did not appear at the top. My nav bar is not at the top so on which item do I change to make it stay on top…the nav bar itself?

Hi @nd-artistry I would personally recommend to just do the site over, having a plan of all the steps you are going to use and the layout of the HTML before hand. Currently it is very complicated to have a compatible site with your structuring and therefore this is the reason you are experiencing so many problems with compatibility with your site.

Remember, the style now days is simple, rather add less information than too much, (it will help with loading time as well)

Hope this helps. :wink:

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I’ll have to run that by the client…they chose this design. I tinkered with it however and it’s not working too bad :slight_smile:

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