Navbar Link for a section of the page


Webflow made an update since the last time I worked on it and I have a link problem.
On the navbar when I try to connect the nav link to a page section, it shows the option but I can’t select which section from anywhere.


I don’t understand because when I click the rest of the options works ex:


Here is my site Read-Only:

Not 100% sure of the solution but the interface changed so that you can edit an element inside of a symbol, affecting the element on that one page only. This might be causing it.
If you want to change a universal element like a nav link, be sure to hover over the main nav symbol and then click the little edit pencil icon. If you click the link directly without selecting the edit “Main Symbol” it will only change it on that one page. Hope that makes sense. Might have nothing to do with your problem.

Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer :slight_smile: I can edit that specific link, but when I try to make the link go to a specific page section it doesn’t show me anywhere my sections so I can choose one.

Hi Lulia,

Love your site design! :slight_smile:

Firstly, I don’t think you’ve named the sections. Have you added a unique ID to the section element?It’s at the top of the settings pane, when you have an element selected. I can see that you’ve changed the type to section but you also need to give it a unique ID (e.g. about-me or services), I might have missed it but I couldn’t see any elements with IDs.

If you would like your nav to also work on other pages (that don’t have the sections in your nav) e.g projects template page. You might want to use the absolute path trick instead of the section dropdown anyway.

Once you have named your sections, you can link to them from your main nav component/symbol by using an external link and then instead of using a dropdown, you put a slash and a hash in front of the ID name. e.g. /#about-me That will make sure it goes to the homepage (that’s the /) and then to the named section (that’s the #) . This ensures it will work on every other page you have. Just bear in mind that if you change the name of a section, you’ll have to also manually update the links in the nav.

Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:
Do you mean adding a class to the section? I’ve tried to create a simple button to make it go to a section named section-example and it still doesn’t show any section. - it’s not just the navbar link is all the links. At : link settings - page section - choose a page section (dropdown) - I click it and no section shows there it’s just empty.![IMG_20221118_184529|225x500](upload://xMZW5JbfFPjUgHXEAdIV1LOZ4V.jpeg)
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Hi Lulia, it’s different from a style class. ID is applied in the settings panel (gear icon) and it’s the very first field.

YES ! Thank you I got it now what a relief :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: Thank you.