Navbar Issues with Dropdown Menus

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I created a Navbar that features a shopping cart button and 2 drop down menus. There are several technical/display issues going on with this navbar. I would really appreciate some help. Fairly new to Webflow - started using it last month. This is my third attempt at creating this navbar.

Most of the issue is with the drop down menus.

The Hamburger dropdown menu on the Navbar is not working in vertical tablet mode for some unknown reason. I discovered that the menu is appearing further down on the page. Attached is screen shot as an example of what is occurring.


I have tried several times, but have been unable to remove the blue link underline on the text for the"Galleries" Dropdown menu.

In Desktop Mode on the Navbar, when rolling over the “Galleries” dropdown menu, the “Information” dropdown menu disappears from the Navbar and reappears down, below the the Galleries dropdown menu. Why is this happening? How can I fix it? Please see attached screen shot.

Also, the Navbar does not fill the width of the screen. At times there is a gap on the right side in mobile.

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Thank you Mos,

I watched the video. First, tried to access “all links” class, but could not find it in the style manager. I was able to remove the blue lines by selecting the link block, then the option to remove the text underline appeared.

Still learning :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for helping.

Keep on learning!

Found one more issue to be fix: when you hover the menu (“Galleries”) the link on the right (“information”) disappear.

Hi Mos,

Yes I am aware of that issue but do not have an answer for that yet.