Dropdown menu with in the Top Nav malfunctions

Hi Everyone,

First post, and I’ll try to keep it concise and free of the frustration clatter.

I’ve added two dropdown objects in to my Navbar, a seemingly logical way to do something very common. Not only does this present a styling nightmare, having to custom style them to match the other Navlinks, but then there’s the real problem of the resulting position of the dropdown menus, as it displays in the full desktop view, but also in the Mobile/Tablet views (we’ll get to that in a second.

Here’s what’s happening. Developing in Chrome, and viewing both as published and within the designer preview environment, the dropdown menus appear directly underneath the lead nav-link. Within Safari and Firefox, however, the menus shift to the right by a full inch or so, with nothing in the Open Menu stylings indicating why this would happen. Position is “Absolute” (fixed and relative screw everything up), with no major margins or paddings to the Block display other than 25px margin on top, so it truly drops down.

As for the other media screens, it’s a nightmare. Not only finding the right combo of settings so to display and style each nested element (and the designer CLEARLY malfunctioning in the rendering of certain changes, such that you can’t rely on what you’re seeing or deduce cause and effect of changing any one style/layout aspect and determining what’s happening).

Any and all help is appreciated. My apologizes for the lengthy post, but I thought thorough now will help expedite assistance rather than generate further questions. :wink:


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Hi, could you share your site’s read-only link?

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