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Navbar fixed in designer mode, but not fixed in preview or published mode

Hey wf pros,

Here’s a trick for me. A friend of mine is trying to figure this one: the navbar is fixed, attached to top and it stays on top when scrolling in designer mode. BUT, once swiched to preview or published, the navbar scrolls up, and is not fixed. I did the same in my account and it works proper way. I tried to check everything bit I didn’t find why this doesn’t work right. The guy thinks webflow is sorta buggy service, and I’m sure that’s his mistake, but I can’t figure where it is.

Here is my public share link: LINK
Look here, when you’re in designer mode, the navbar stays always on top as it’s fixed, but once you click the eye to get into preview mode, the navbar scrolls above and is not fixed
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He’s got an onload interaction on his body element. For some reason that I can’t figure out, that is breaking the positioning of the navbar. He can keep the interaction, but he just needs to edit the “body” interaction and remove the “move to origin” part under initial appearance. (alt+click on the little blue dot next to transforms under initial appearance)

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Thank you! I have no idea why he’d set that interaction at all… Didn’t even think of checking there!

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