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Sticky nav doesn't work upon returning to homepage


I followed the steps to create a sticky nav in the Webflow tutorials, but something odd is happening where it’s adding a bunch of extra padding at the top. I was originally only seeing this on the published site, but now it’s happening in Preview mode with the Designer.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Here is my public share link:

I think you also need to post a share link to your Designer in order for someone to take a look.

Edited now–thank you!

I’m actually seeing this issue intermittently on the published site as well:

I can keep refreshing, and sometimes the sticky nav works great, and other times, the nav jumps down several hundred pixels and does not stick to the top. Hoping someone can reproduce, as it’s intermittent for me, but definitely something going on. Thanks!

You’ve got an Interaction (Thumb hover) applied to the Body of your page – probbaly by accident. Could this be causing the issue?

Ah! That was it. I knew it was something ridiculous like that. Thanks so much!

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