Need help with my navbar and interaction design


It all started with the Nav Bar… so my nav bar’s background sometimes disappears in preview but border, text and shadows stayed.

In the beginning I figured out how to keep navbar visible - by pressing any element before going to preview, but if I click Toggle Preview a few times, for some reason, navbar’s background is gone.

Later I aded a few elements to fade in when you scroll, but then this happend…

Basically if navbar is visible, the elements with interactions are not, and vice versa.

Need a live preview. It could potentially be a bug in the Webflow editor, I’ve had a few issues with it in Safari and even in Chrome. Have you tested the live version in different browsers?

Here’s read only preview.

Until now I only tried in Chrome and Safari.
But Firefox did this…

Giving the Navbar a z-index will solve the issue.

Everything else seems to be working fine.

Didn’t help.
The navbar shows when I change something, or as I wrote in the first post when I click on any element, but then interaction is not there.

This is what it looks published

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