Nav links only working on home page

Hi there!

One second my nav bar was working and the next it wasn’t. It works on the homepage but when visiting other pages it does not work. I’ve checked to make sure everything is linked properly and it is. I’ve gone through countless topics and haven’t found anything that has helped!

Side note, whenever I try to click on my nav in preview mode it takes me to the most random Webflow company pages…

Thanks so much! Links below

Here is my site Read-Only:
(Webflow - SK Portfolio)

Also the published site:

Hi, check out my answer at the bottom of this post. Sounds similar.
I believe you’ve edited a single instance of your nav component which makes it work on the homepage but your other pages are now disconnected from it.

In future, know that you have to click the little pencil icon to make a universal change.
(Bad UI from Webflow IMO!!!)

Hi there! Thank you so much for responding. I went through and followed both the post you sent and the post that was linked on there yet things still don’t seem to be working. I 100% believe that I probably edited just one instance! I went through and reset as well as disconnected but nothing has changed functionality-wise. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Shoot, I see it now. The issue appears to be an overlay div from the page load animation remaining on top of your nav. Strange because your animation has it set to display = none

Oh interesting! Do you have any suggestions on how to fix that? I’m using a template from someone else so I’m not entirely sure how to fix.


Not entirely sure what’s happening but when I delete the steps for “Page Wrapper Home” then everything works.

Okay great! Makes sense. How do you get to the page delay animation that you have on the right?


Top right corner lightning icon. Then “Page Trigger”.

I still get the strange link to the Webflow homepage. Not sure why that’s happening!

It’s fixed! Thank you SO so much I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to help me.