Navbar Tab - Linking to page section is changing from page to page

Hey guys! First of all, I’m new to the forum game, so feel free to give pointers… That aside… I’m building a basic portfolio website, has a navbar, “work” is tab on the navbar. Clicking "worK’ should take the user to the home page, below the fold, to the work section. Everything works fine as long as I’m on the home page, but if I go to a different page the connection is lost and the specified page section doesn’t even show up when trying to add that functionality to the work tab again. Any idea why this is happening? The navbar is a symbol, I don’t understand how it could be changing function across different pages.

Instead of this:

Do this:

Thanks for the assistance!
I’m building the site right now. I used your advice, I entered the URL as “”, and now when I preview my project it’s opening a separate website up in a separate window when I click on that tab. Any other/more specific advice?

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Did you select Open in new tab? If then deselect it…

I did not have that selected… Here is a link to the project:

The WORK tab on the home page does what it should, but if I go to the ABOUT page and then click the WORK tab it doesn’t work.

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