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Nav links not working


I am having an issue with my navbar links. I have 5 links to different pages which are all link correctly. They work fine within the editor and preview on Webflow, however when I publish and check on the published site the links stop working.

When clicked the links will go the the correct page for a second but then change back to the main homepage.

Any ideas why this would be happening?


Manni Sidhu

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It sounds like a redirect? Is the page hosted on Webflow?


Yes at the moment it’s hosted on Webflow.

Are there any redirect set?

No I don’t believe so.

Hi Hans, any suggestions? I have recently created a symbol, could this be the issue?

There is a JavaScript redirect active, see image

So there must be some custom code installed somewhere.

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Thank you Hans, I have been trying to add a login to a specific page and had added some custom code. I have now removed and it is working again.