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Nav links not working from CMS Collection page

my nav links are not working at all from the CMS Collection page, only Home. Can you please help, why it is like this? Home points to page-home, the rest points to the different sections of the homepage.

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Thanks a lot for the help.

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Hi @deshna

I think tis post will solve your issues > Anchor Link to a page section on another page

Also, go to your menu settings and click on > Disable scroll offset when fixed

If you still need help just tag me here :webflow_heart:

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hello Piter,

thanks for the help, however the post didn’t help. Could you maybe help me further?

Thanks a lot,

This is expected behaviour as your navigation is pointing to homepage page sections. Its not working on CMS template as your template doesn’t know anything about the sections you are trying to go. You can try to create a copy of your navigation that you will use on your template page. You have already ID’s on your sections so you will point to these. You need to set your new navigation pointing to external page

CleanShot 2020-10-07 at 14.03.57

and in URL you will place your URL from published site (homepage) followed by hastag and idName


I thing that that should work but I can’t prove it. Maybe someone will come with better solution.

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It helped to solve the problem, thanks a lot.