Nav Icon Disappears only on Mobile?

Hi everyone,

currently working on a new website for myself, I have used the Hailey template. Slowly adding in some things and making adjustments etc.

I got to styling the navbar and somehow I have made it so that the Nav Icon disappears when you click but only when in Mobile Portrait mode.

Below is my read only:

I would greatly appreciate if someone could have a glance over this for me.


Sorry - But, not only does the nav icon (hamburger) not disappear but it’s also inert ( NO action at all) in all views.
It does react differently on different pages. Is there a specific page you are referencing ?

hi @C00P3R you have changed init color values. To fix it you need to do 3 steps

  1. go to mobile viewport and open navigation. Than choose show to see nav open

  1. select menu button and reset color

  1. select icon and reset color

DONE :wink:

Hope that will help you solve your request.

@JimF not sure what you mean by inert, and yes the nav icon does disappear when you click on it on mobile view. Once clicked the icon is meant to be white on black, but for some reason it is staying black.

@Stan thank you for your help, I tried that and for some reason it is still behaving the same way.

Below is a link to my website, if you open it on your mobile device you will see what I mean.

thank you for your help @Stan not sure why this isn’t working.

hi @C00P3R I have now checked your read only again and all I see is old state, mean you didn’t apply any changes I have posted. Please follow these steps then publish changes and check website again. It should work.

This is what happen when you RESET color on WF Typography as in 3-step description.

hi @C00P3R do you need further assistance to make it work?

Hi @Stan appreciate you taking the time to try help, I did try the method you outlined, but for some reason it wasn’t working. Regardless I have edited the styling to avoid the problem, plus I am happier with the new outcome.

Have a great day!

Hi @C00P3R glad to see you have solve your issue by setting nav button background back to transparent. While this is solution that works for you please close your request as solved marking your last response as solution.