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Nav completely disappears on mobile, can't get it to show

HI there - Seem to have perfected the menu on desktop and tablet, but on mobile and mobile landsscape it doesn’t appear at all. I’ve changed auto to relative, i’ve tried creating a new navbar and draggin/copying the original elements in, and it not only continues to not show, but it doesn’t respond to styling edits and remains a white gray color on top of my normal sections.

I have a hunch this is due to a custom element that triggers a full page menu on desktop/tablet but not 100%. I’ve attached screenshots of the funkiness it shows in the designer as well.

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Hello @Taylor_made48

Looks like you navbar is set to display none. Go to the mobile breakpoint > click on the navbar symbol > go to the styles panel > make it display flex or whatever works for you.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Hi Piter. Thanks for taking a look. You’re looking at “SiteNavigation” - a symbol we’d like to retain that we’re not using right now. Hence the display none.

The one we’re trying to appear is “Navbar-interactive” which is set to flex. And still not showing up with the white background in those screenshots. Can you take another look?

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Okey, the problem is that you’re using the old device show/hide function. Here’s a screen record >

When you set to show for mobile the old device show/hide icons will disappear. If you want to hide something just use the display property hide.

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

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Thank you Piter, that solved it. Thanks a ton for your screen record as well.


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