Navbar not working in portrait

Hi - Just learning. Designing a portfolio site for myself. Almost finished. Having trouble with the mobile navbar in portrait mode. When I preview the site the drop down menu does not appear when the icon is pressed. This is only a problem in portrait mode. It works fine in tablet and landscape.

However in the style menu if I set the navbar mode to PRESSED and in settings set it to SHOW then immediately go to preview, the menu works. It is on screen when I initially go to preview but after a couple of clicks it works normally. The links all work fine when it appears.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hmmm… If I follow the link I posted the navbar doesn’t work in any mobile mode. ???

Hi James,

Welcome to the Forum!

It seems that your issue was that the drop-down menu was not appearing on mobile portrait mode (you went on to say that you couldn’t get the menu to appear in either mobile mode however I wasn’t able to replicate this). However, I did notice the missing nav menu in mobile portrait mode.

The issue was that there was so much margin on the left side of your Nav Menu that it caused the menu to become out of the viewport. I fixed this by changing the margin to 0 on both sides to create an edge-to-edge design (I hope that that was what you were going for) and then adjusted the Nav links to a center justification.

I made a video of what I did.

I hope this helps!


Hi Tyler - Thank you very much for your help. The nav and links all work now on mobile. Great!
One small thing… On mobile I can’t seem to get the link for Gallery to cleanly hit the edge of the fixed nav section. I had to put a ghost Div block in - Div Block 3 - in order to get it close. If I tried to do this with any other element it was always too low. It’s still too low now but closer. Extremely close on tablet but slightly off. More off on landscape and portrait. There is no problem in desktop.
I could live with it like this but would like to know how to tidy that up.
Thank you for your help.

Here’s a new link: Webflow - JPIpix

I think it all works fine except for Gallery on portrait. Doesn’t hit cleanly but that’s fairly minor. Also, there seems to be a difference between toggle/preview and this link so not sure what you’re seeing. Or what I’m seeing anymore. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks again.