Nav Bar Menu is Hidden

I am having issues with my nav bar on tablet, mobile views etc. I cannot get my nav-bar to open, when I mean open is that when open there is nothing visible.

Now I do believe that the navigation menu exists, I just firmly believe that it is hidden from sight based on modification to a section I have made.

In the following videos I will do my best to explain the situation.

Firstly, here is a video of how the nav bar should work (based on the template I have purchased):

For reference you can find the read link here for this template project:

Now on my actual website. The menu is opening, however it is not showing the menu:

Read link can be found here:

I just cannot figure out why the element is missing. I have tried to find guides and responses to this but was unable to find it.

P.S - I did try to restart the whole nav bar, it did not fix the issue. I think the banner is blocking any navigation drop down. I just do not know how to order elements in priority (in-correct terminology but I hope you get the picture).

Any help would be massively appreciated

Hey @AdamMMB,

This is actually a simple fix, switch your canvas to tablet mode and select your Header V2.
In your layout panel, change the overflow from hidden to visible and your menu button should now work.

Your Header V2 was set to overflow: hidden which would hide anything that overflows the navbar. That is why you would see the navbar turn to orange as the remaining of the menu overflows the navbar and will obey the hidden style.

Doing the above change in tablet mode will fix the mobile view and will not affect the desktop mode, so you should be good!

Wow thank you, I cannot believe I missed this detail!

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Anytime, glad I could help! Happy Designing :grin: :+1:

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