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Nav bar links sit on top of open cart

Hi experts,

Can anyone help me figure out why my cart isn’t staying on top of my elements when opened? I even set my z-index to 100 or more, and the nav links still display on top of my cart when opened.

Additionally, the apple pay button disappears on hover and I am not able to change the default setting. Will I be able to do so once I add the e-commerce hosting plan?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Correction: By setting the index of the navbar to 2, and the open cart index to a higher index solved the problem.

Can anybody answer my apple pay button question?

The Apple Pay button will only be shown if you are on a device with Apple Pay installed, I do not have that problem on my live site

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i am having all sorts of issues with this too. pretty surprised that by default an “open cart” wouldn’t overlay everything else. ugh.

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